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For several months now and until the opening day your board members and volunteers are working diligently to have our facilities at Sandburg ready for your child to play and you to enjoy.

With that said, in order to complete the many items on our list the league needs funding. From repairing our dugouts and bleacher to adding shade, there are more items to complete than funds available.

One way that we tried out last year and discovered to be successful is to leverage your existing buying of the goods and services you consume on a daily basis. How? FlipGive! With about 10 people trying out the application the league raised over $200. Now imagine if each person in GNLL purchased through either the FlipGive site or app, the amount of money generated could be in the $1000s.

You might ask, “How much will it cost me?” That is the beauty of FlipGive, it does not cost you a cent to use and the revenue that is generated comes from the vendors you buy from. For example, if you eat out on a regular basis, you can get a gift card from Starbucks, Chipotle, TGIF or Chili’s. These cards give back between 2% to 5%. There are 100s of stores, services to choose from.

What we ask, next time you are going to buy or consume anything, start with our Glendora National Little League FlipGive page and have your purchases trickle funds back to GNLL. If the entire GNLL family participates, in no time we will generate enough funds to tackle all of the projects that will make GNLL that much better.


Join our team now in one of 2 ways:

1. Download the FlipGive app through Apple or Google, sign up and enter the code FXF9J4 to join our team

2. Join online by clicking here:

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