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GNLL Registration Frequently Asked Questions


 Which schools are within GNLL Boundaries?

    • La Fetra, Stanton, Foothill Christian, Washington, Willow, Sandburg

Do I live within GNLL boundaries?

What do I do if I don’t live within GNLL or go to one of the above mentioned schools?

    • You will need to reach out to your home league (email can be found on their website), ask for a full and complete release.  Once you get that email, forward it to the player agent along with the reason/hardship you want to play with GNLL.  Little League will only approve waivers for hardship. (ie childcare closer to GNLL, carpool issues, lives in Glendora and takes him/her to practice etc).

    • Once the player agent receives both the release from the home league as well as the letter from the family regarding the hardship, that will be sent to little league for approval. If little league approves the waiver, they will require what is called a red shit year, meaning the player will not be eligible for all stars that season, but will eligible the following season.

    • You can register your player for this season. To do that, on the residency portion, choose school, then choose one of the schools on the drop-down menu.


What is my players league age?


What division is my player?

    • T-ball:  League age 4 and 5

    • Single A (machine pitch) League age 5 (if they completed 1 year of t-ball)-league age 7

    • AA (Kid Pitch) League age 8-9

    • AAA:  League age 10-11

    • Majors:  League age 12 and drafted league age 11

    • Intermediate:  League age 13 


I want my player to play up a division (a league 7 playing up in AA)

    • In order to “play up”, the player will need to email the player agent to let her know at

    • The player will need to attend evaluations for both their league age as well as the division they want to play with.

    • Only those players that are drafted in the first 4 rounds of the higher division are permitted to play up.  If the player is not selected in the first 4 rounds, the player will be put in the draft for their league age division.

    • The player will have to be registered in their league age division when initially registered.


I want my player to play down

    • The determination to play a player down is left to the managers.  GNLL wants to make sure that playing down is in the best interest of the player.  The player will need to attend the evaluation for his/her league age.


What if I am unable to pay for registration?

    • Everyone plays! T-Mobile has a grant program you can apply for here:

    • If you are experiencing financial hardship, the T-Mobile grant allows GNLL to waive your registration fee, snack bar fee and fundraising fee.  The only requirement is for scholarship families to work three 3-hour shifts in the snack bar. You will need to reach out to the player agent for a coupon code once you have received T-Mobile approval. 


When are practices and games?

    • Practices will begin the first week of February.  Opening day is March 11th.

    • Players can expect 2-3 practices a week depending on age and manager.  Practices are held at LaFetra, Finkbiner, Whitcomb, Stanton or Sandburg fields. Your manager will inform you at Pancake Breakfast January 28th.

    • All divisions except t-ball can expect 1 game during the week and 1 game on Saturday.  T-ball will only play on Saturdays, but will have 1 week day game. 


Where do we play?

    • All T-ball, Single A and AA games will be played at our home fields at Sandburg Middle School.  AAA and Majors can expect to play some games at home and some at Goddard Middle School at Glendora American fields.


What equipment does my player need?

    • ALL players need a USA stamped bat, a glove, baseball cleats, baseball pants (game color to be determined by the manager), helmet and a protective cup (male players only)


When does the season start and end?

    • Opening Ceremonies is March 11th and Closing Ceremonies is on May 27th.

    • If your player is selected for All Stars, the season will extend to at least mid-July.  The All Star season can run longer if the team continues to win.


If you have any additional questions, please contact the Player Agent, Alisa Economou at

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