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President- Eli Economou

Vice President- Ray Pearl

Secretary- Melissa Martinez

Treasurer- Shannon Marchesan

Player Agent- Alisa Economou

Safety Officer- Billy Tsiramanes

Player/Coaching Development- Jeremy Brascia


VP T-Ball- Chris Navarro

VP A Division- Steve Lewin

VP AA Division- Daniel Hernandez

VP AAA Division- Ray Pearl

VP Majors Division- Steve Suarez

Assistant Player Agent-Brian Richenberger

Snack Bar- David Routt

Snack Bar-Melisa Routt

Snack Bar- Julie Castellana

Team Parent Coordinator- Shannon Marchesan

Volunteer Coordinator- Carol Espitia

Assistant Volunteer Coordinator- Dennis Espitia

Assistant Volunteer Coordinator- Steve Lewin

Trophies- Gus Herrera

Information Officer- Marleny Cheshier

Scheduler- Bryant Marchesan

Fundraising- Dan Riegert

Fundraising Assistant- Anthony Tavera

Equipment- Jason Miltenberger

Field Manager- Carlos Urena

Assistant Field Manager- Mark Brent

Assistant Field Manager- Blake Cheshier

Umpires- Bryant Marchesan

Event Coordinator- Andrew Hall

Memory Book/Pictures- Valarie Miltenberger

Fall Ball Coordinator- Open

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